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As our writers sift through course feedback every year, we find many courses that receive rave reviews. Here, we call attention to a few of those standout classes. If you are still agonizing over your shopping cart, check out some of these offerings.

Invertebrate Zoology (BIOL0410)
Students praised Professor Dunn for his engaging and effective lecturing and his approachability. They especially praised the labs, with one respondent saying "every single lab was a blast." If you have an interest in biology and want to take a fun course where you learn all about invertebrate animals, this may be the course for you!

Fuel, Energy, Power, and the Environment (ENGN1931P)
“Fuels, Energy, Power, and the Environment” gives students the opportunity to explore topics related to energy. “Thermodynamics” (ENGN0720) is a prerequisite. Students unanimously loved Professor Kulaots for his passion and his extraordinary teaching. Respondents highly recommended this course to anyone with an interest in energy.

Introduction to Public Policy (PLCY0100)
Professor Hackey received overwhelmingly positive comments from class members due to his engaging, passionate, spirited, and enthusiastic teaching style — he encouraged questions and discussion in the more than 60-person class. If you’re looking for an introduction to policymaking with a focus on health policy, consider enrolling in PLCY0100 with Professor Hackey!

— The Critical Review Executive Board

April 29, 2016

Fall 2016 courses are live!

The reviews for Fall 2016 courses have been published! We hope that you find them useful in figuring out your schedule for next semester and planning your curriculum

— The Critical Review Executive Board

April 29, 2016

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