Pre-registration for Spring 2015

We have published reviews for courses offered in the spring of 2014! This was the first semester in which we 1) used our new student survey and 2) experimented with having students fill out online surveys for certain classes. We will be continuing and expanding our experiment with online surveys next semester.

The use of a new survey has reversed our old numbering system. Five now corresponds to the most positive score and one to the most negative score. We have not modified old reviews, but new reviews show both our old and new numbering systems.

We hope that you find our latest publication useful. Please email us with feedback or concerns at We'd love to hear from you.

— Critical Review Executive Board

October 31, 2014

Course averages fixed

It was brought to our attention that the calculations for the fall 2014 semester course averages may have been computed incorrectly. We investigated the problem, and the averages have all been corrected. Thank you to those who pointed out our mistake. If you have any more concerns or suggestions, please let us know (

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