Featured Courses

As our writers sift through course feedback every year, we find many relatively small and lesser known courses that have received rave reviews. Here, we hope to bring attention to a few of those. If you are still agonizing over how to fill in that fourth slot, check out some of these offerings.

Nonprofit Organizations (Fall 2014: PPAI1700V; Fall 2015: PLCY1700V)
Taught by a professor with substantial leadership experience in the nonprofit sector, “Nonprofit Organizations” examines the role of nonprofits in communities. The class covers interesting material that encourages discussion, and the course experience is augmented by a passionate, caring professor who facilitates engaging conversations.

The Long Fall of the Roman Empire (Fall 2014: HIST1030; Fall 2015: HIST1205)
“The Long Fall of the Roman Empire” is an excellent choice for students interested in Roman history, whether or not they have taken previous history courses. It centers on the period in which Roman culture merged with that of Germanic tribes concurrently with the emergence of Christianity. The course comes highly recommended due to in-depth discussion sections and a knowledgeable, passionate professor.

Personality (Fall 2014: CLPS0701; Fall 2015: CLPS0701)
“Personality” is a survey course that provides an opportunity to gain an understanding of prominent perspectives within theories of personality. The course is recommended for its broad scope, interesting material, and flexible, enthusiastic instructor.

— Critical Review Executive Board

April 8, 2015

Fall 2014 courses are live!

The reviews for Fall 2014 courses have been published! We hope that you find them useful in figuring out your schedule for next semester and planning your curriculum.

One of our new initiatives this semester is publishing interesting facts and trends that we find in our data. To keep up with the #DataDig, check out our Facebook page. In addition, by the first day of pre-registration (April 14th), we will announce a handful of Featured Courses, which are relatively little-known but highly praised classes stumbled upon by our writers and editors.

— The Critical Review Executive Board

March 31, 2015

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