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Welcome back to Brown! This semester, we are experimenting with a new initiative. As our writers sift through course feedback every year, we find many relatively small and lesser known courses that receive rave reviews. Here, we hope to bring attention to a few of these. If you are still agonizing over how to fill in that fourth slot with, check out some of these offerings.

PHIL0010 - The Place of Persons: Have you ever asked what exactly makes you a "person?" This philosophy course explores this concept and how it fits within the context of a society.

PHYS0220 - Astronomy: According to one reviewer, this introductory course aims to "instill in students a greater appreciation of the night sky."
Note: This course will be taught by a different professor this semester.

HIST1976T - History of the Andes from the Inca Empire to Evo Morales: This discussion-based seminar requires no prerequisites, and focuses on the role of the Andes region in the past and present.
Note: This course is capped, but the professor, Jeremy Mumford, has offered registration overrides to anyone interested in taking it.

— Critical Review Executive Board

January 19, 2015

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