Fall 2013 course reviews have been published!

This is an exciting semester for the CR. For the first time, we will be trying out online student questionnaires for select courses. You will receive details from your professors about how to complete these.

Secondly, we have revised our student questionnaire. Most notably, our numbering scheme has changed: 5 corresponds to a positive rating and 1 corresponds to a negative rating. The new numbering scheme was created in response to many requests over the years to make it more intuitive. You can preview the new questionnaire here.

Two other notes:

  1. Check out our Funny Quotes section.
  2. Pre-registration for the Fall 2014 semester begins at 8AM on Tuesday, April 15 for rising seniors and closes at 5PM on Tuesday, April 22 for all students.
As always, please send us your thoughts at Critical_Review@brown.edu.

— Critical Review Executive Board

April 1, 2014

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