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As our writers sift through course feedback every year, we find many courses that receive rave reviews. Here, we call attention to a few of those standout classes. If you are still agonizing over your shopping cart, check out some of these offerings.

Introduction to Oceanography (GEOL0070)
Professor Steven Clemens’ passionate and engaging teaching style as well as exciting, memorable field trips make “Introduction to Oceanography” a "hidden gem within the Geology department." Models are predicting a very strong El Niño this year; class members will have a chance to take a close look at the weather pattern this semester.

The Foundations of Living Systems (BIOL0200)
“Foundations of Living Systems” exposes students to introductory biology, covering topics like cellular, molecular, and ecological biology. Professor Ken Miller was praised for being an active, engaging, and efficient lecturer. Students appreciated his memorable lectures and dedication to maximizing student learning.

Beyond Narnia: The Literature of C.S. Lewis (UNIV0400)
This course, taught by Dr. Timothy Flanigan, looks at C.S. Lewis’ writing, exploring themes of modern humanity and philosophy. Reviewers praised the relaxed environment in this discussion-based class, and many could not find a single element to criticize. Students recommend this unique course for anyone who likes to read!

Health Care in the United States (PHP0310)
Professor Ira Wilson presented relevant information about the United States healthcare system in a engaging, efficient, and straightforward manner. Students loved the class' obvious applicability to real life and appreciated how it provided a different perspective on health care.

— Critical Review Executive Board

November 8, 2015

Spring 2015 courses are live!

The reviews for Spring 2015 courses have been published! We hope that you find them useful in figuring out your schedule for next semester and planning your curriculum.

— The Critical Review Executive Board

November 8, 2015

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